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Best Nintendo Switch Games, Software, & Gift Cards

The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s 7th major video game console. The ‘NS’ or ‘Switch’ short for Nintendo Switch was released to the world on the 3rd of March, 2017.

Docked and Portable Game Modes

Considered a ‘Hybrid Console’ by the game manufacturers, the Nintendo Switch is designed to be played at home and on-the-go. The Nintendo console effortlessly transitions from a ‘docked mode’, which is a home console fit for HD TV gaming to a ‘portable mode’, which is an on-the-go hand-held mode and vice-versa.

The Nintendo Switch’s revolutionary Joy-Con Controllers

The Switch uses wireless Joy-Con controllers, which consist of a directional joystick and standard buttons fit for user input, high-def tactile feedback and motion sensing. You can hold one Joy-Con in each hand or use two Joy-Cons together in their custom-made grip, or for a more traditional experience buy a Pro Controller.

Your right Joy-Con controller lets you capture screenshots with it, while the right one uses an infra-red motion camera to read object shapes in games that are compatible with it. 

Face off or Team up with the Nintendo Switch’s dynamic Multi-player game mode

The Switch’s multiplayer mode lets you share the joy of Nintendo Switch with your friends and family. Use the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers on their own or slot them into steering wheels and play Mario Kart and other blockbuster titles with your mates.

You can either opt for the Switch’s multiplayer game mode over WiFi or play locally with up to eight consoles! You can also download the Nintendo Switch Online App and invite players to play games with, use voice chat, and set gaming dates.

Nintendo Switch Games & Software

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Nintendo Switch games & software are available in the form of downloadable digital codes as well as physical flash ROM cartridges and aren’t region locked! The Switch competes on the console gaming market with contemporaries Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4.

Nintendo’s 1-2 Switch is a perfect party game based on motion sensing. Compete in a dance-off or face-off in a wild-west duel by grabbing a Joy-Con each. If 1-2 Switch isn’t fun enough, then enter Link’s world full of adventure in the new and improved The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild or jump back into the driving seat with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Play locally with up to 4-players in 1080p in TV mode.

Nintendo Eshop Gift Cards

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Nintendo Eshop Gift Cards are not tied to or meant for any specific Nintendo game, software, and in-game rewards. They are meant to simply add currency to your existing digital wallet on your Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, and/or Nintendo Wii U console that you can use to purchase whatever you like.

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